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 Our hands are one of the most important tools that human beings have. Like all the other tools, hands need proper use to be healthy. In terms of muscles, proper use means doing regular sports. Grip sport consists of 3 basic movements; crush, pinch, support grip.

Tugrabozan Adjustable Grippers enable you to crush between 20 kg, up to 155 kg. You can adjust the gripper instantly. The grippers have knurl marks on one handle and the pack includes a pinch attachment.  Two different resistance springs are also included. Red is heavy, yellow is light. You can use both or use single one. User Manuel and workout information hardcopy is included. 

Crush Grip, it is the type of grip on which the fingers apply the force towards the palm. The main force comes from the flexor muscles on the forearm. The first and middle knuckles of the finger are more active. Handshaking, lemon squeezing or gripper training can be examples.

Pinch Grip, it is the type of grip on which the fingers apply the force towards the thumb. The main force comes from the lumbrical muscles on the hand and the thumb pad. The finger tips are more active. Pinching someone and spring clamps can be examples.

Support Grip, It is a form of static grip where the load is lifted by wrapping the handle by the fingers like a hook. Common examples are carrying shop bags, pull ups and deadlift. 


Weight 1.1 kg
Length 27 cm
Width 11 cm 

4 cm

Color Black-Red
Paint Powder-coating
Frame 7 mm Steel
Warranty 5 years (springs: 1 year)
Handle Dimatere 25 mm 
Pack Include 1 gripper, 2 gripper spring (Heavy: Red, Light: Yellow) , 2 pinch attachment, 1 extension attachment, User Manuel 
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