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Sacred Pose® Premium Eco Friendly Cork Yoga Mat

Introducing the Sacred Pose® Premium Cork Yoga Mat. Luxury combined with sustainable material, this mat will provide you with the perfect comfort and ultimate grip you need. The anti-fungus & anti-slip material gives you more time to focus on your movements. 

The rubber base provides excellent cushioning, high elasticity and resilience. 

Cork is a 100% natural product and has micro holes which stops sweat pooling on the mat. Also it is Antimicrobial - viruses, bacteria, fungus do not grow on cork. 
Suitable for all forms of yoga, pilates and other exercise. 


Brand Sacred Pose®
Weight  2.7 kg
Length 183 cm 
Width 61 cm
Colour Cork (light brown), bottom black Rubber
Thickness 4 mm
Guaranty 1 year from purchase date
Material Cork surface, rubber bottom mat
Additional details Shipped from the UK, free UK shipping on all Sacred Pose®  products
Shipping Time Shipped in 1-3 business days