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What is PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulation™?

PowerDot is an electrical muscle stimulator used by everyone from the world’s top athletes, to fitness enthusiasts and beyond. PowerDot has taken the proven concept of Neuromusclar Electric Stimulation (NMES) and packed it into a small lightweight pod, completely controlled by an app on your mobile device. This allows you to gain access to 10+ NMES programs from virtually anywhere in the world. The app walks you through every step of the process, from pad placement, to program selection, to workout duration. We have removed the guessing game and any confusion from traditional electrical muscle stimulation using smart technology.

Benefits of electrical muscle stimulation:

What are the benefits of electric muscle stimulators?

- Recover Faster
- Help Prevent Injury
- Reduce Muscle Soreness
- Increase Muscle Strength
- Increase Muscle Endurance
- Increase Blood Circulation
- Warm Up Muscles to Prevent Injury
- Improve Training Results
- Feel your best

Increasing performance with EMS:

Electrical muscle stimulation, or EMS, devices are not meant to promote performance and improve aesthetics while you sit on the couch. Though some devices wrongly claim to do this, electric muscle stimulators are meant to be paired with your training routines and workout programs to enhance performance and support recovery in between workouts or post workout. Electric muscle stimulation uses different Hertz ranges to activate specific muscle fibers, forcing them to contract. Why do you need to increase the number of muscle fibers that contract? Essentially, so you can jump higher, lift more, run longer and recover faster.


Simply put, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) sends electrical pulses across the skin and nerve strands to “distract” the brain from pain signals. This also stimulates an endorphin release, which likewise mitigates pain. NMES (Neuromusclar Electric Stimulation) uses electrical signals to stimulate muscle fibers to cause muscle contractions. These contractions increase blood flow and nutrient distribution to recruit more muscle fibers, which helps the body recover faster, perform better, and reduces the risk of muscular injuries.

 This product has a 1 year guarantee. 


Colour Available in Red or Black
  • 2 stimulation channels with independent power output control
  • Asymmetrical balanced rectangular waveform
  • Regulated voltage technology
  • Peak voltage/current of up to 105V/105 mA (under 1K Ohm)
  • 210 mA Lithium Battery (re-chargeable via any USB 5V 1-2.1A charging point)
  • Universal high voltage Micro USB connector for lead/charging cables
  • Dimensions: L: 60 MM/2.4", W: 43 MM/1.7", H: 13 MM/0.5"
  • Weight: 25 g/0.9 oz
  • IP22 Rating
  • CE 0197 (TUV Rheinland)/FDA 510K clearance 
PowerDot app:
  • Available for free download for Android and iOS devices via Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Mobile devices: smartphone (Bluetooth Smart Ready compatibility, HD touchscreen) or Apple iPhone 4S (or later models)
  • Operating system: Android 4.4 (KitKat) or iOS 7.0 (or later)

In the box:
  • PowerDot Pod
  • Set of self-adhesive electrodes, 4x round and 2x square pods
  • Set of cables 10 cm and 30 cm
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Durable carrying case
PowerDot uses the electrical muscle stimulation technology (EMS). Please read the manual carefully! For best results, you should use PowerDot as a sports tool or complementary product in combination with a healthy lifestyle, regular physical training and a balanced diet.

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