Popular in strongman, the yoke carry traditionally involves carrying a weighted metal frame on your back. Though there are other variations, our focus will be on the traditional carry. There may not be a more effective way of moving the largest loads quickly than with the yoke.

The Gymholix Yoke Xtreme is a rig that makes it possible to haul even more weight than you could with the farmers walk. You can build up enormous amounts of tension with the yoke. It is basically a metal frame with weights at the side and/or bottom. You let it rest on your traps and shoulders, much like a squat. Either load up as much as you can and attempt to lift it or put on a bit less and try to walk distances.

The Gymholix Yoke Xtreme is comes with 80x80x3 mm solid chassis and 70 mm adjustable crossbar. The system could carry up to 500 kg. 

This product has a lifetime guarantee. 

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Weight 85 kg
Length 160 cm
Width 120 cm 

240 cm

Color Optional
Paint Powder-coating
Diameter 70 mm (crossbar)
Steen Info 80x80x3 mm frame, 70x5 mm crossbar 
Weight Capacity 500kg+
Shipping Time Please allow up to 10-14 business days for delivery. You can track your order from the moment you place an order.