Strengthen your shoulders, chest muscles and arms through the Strongman Log. Because of the neutral and solid grip, the Strongman Log is the perfect tool to work your strength. The Gymholix Xtreme Strongman Log, is one of the more conventional implements used in strongman training. It can be utilized to improve strength and functionality for olympic lifts like the clean and press as well as component movements such as military press. The Gymholix Xtreme Log is constructed of one solid, fully welded piece. Reinforced steel construction ensures maximum safety during use. knurled grips on the log make handling it easy as well. The log’s 50mm sleeves will easily and securely hold olympic weights with spring collars included. The log comes with a high quality powder coat finish. The Gymholix Xtreme Log is 60 kg and 35 cm diameter. 



Weight 60 kg
Length 220 cm
Diameter 35 cm
Handle Diameter 33 mm
Color Matte Black 
Paint Powder-coating
Frame 4 mm Steel
Weight Capacity 300 kg+
Shipping Time Please allow up to 14-21 business days for delivery. You can track your order from the moment you place an order.