The real exercise equipment for your quads. 

Sissy squats when done right will add strength, size and mobility to your quads better than almost any other exercise.  Sissy squat also demands and develops mobility in the ankles, lower back and many of the hip muscles (stabilization). If you do sissy squats without support, you will also develop coordination and balance.

While the basic back squat has a reputation as the World's Best Exercise, it earns that rep by working your posterior-chain muscles at least as much as your quadriceps. 

* This product may be subject to customs and/or tax depending on your country as it is shipped from outside the EU. 


Weight 22 kg
Length 80 cm
Width 40 cm 

40 cm

Color Matte Black
Paint Powder-coating
Frame 4 mm Steel
Other Adjustable seat position
Weight Capacity 500 kg+
Shipping Time Please allow up to 7-14 business days for delivery. You can track your order from the moment you place an order.