Gymholix Heavy Duty Monster Pull-up equipment is a solid and compact unit great for wall mounts. Once mounted securely to the wall,  the pull-up has spheres on it. With whole laser cut holes, this system allows you to adjust your pull-up depth.  You can use peg pims or other accessories with these holes. This pull-up system comes with one pair of 100 cm length 80x80x3 mm profile and steel dowels. The monster pullup system can be attached on wall or Gymholix Rig-Racks. 

Seven different grip types:

1- Pronated Grip 
2- Supinated Grip 
3- Natural Grip 
4- Fat Grip  - 50MM 
5- V Grip
6- Wide Grip 
7- Ball Grip - 90MM

This product has a lifetime guarantee. 



Weight 11kg: Rig-Rack Type - 30kg: Wall Type (with profile attachments) 
Length 80 cm
Width 115 cm (pullup width 100cm)

40 cm

Foot Print 100x115x40 cm
T-Shape Foot Dimension 25x39 cm 
Color Matte Black
Paint Powder-coating
Frame 3 mm Steel
Weight Capacity 200 kg+
Steel Info 80x80x3 mm steel
Bolts and Fasteners 20 mm galvanised, 16 mm steel dowels 
Pullup Diameter 33 mm - Spheres: 90 mm - Fat Grip: 50 mm 
Shipping Time Please allow up to 10-14 business days for delivery. You can track your order from the moment you place an order.