The Gymholix Adjustable Hammer is one of the most intense training tools, predominantly used for strongman training and MMA fighters. It is a solid metal sledge hammer, designed for high impact training. The Hammer training is usually done by slamming the hammer into a tyre. It is important to train with a tyre as this will reduce the stress caused by the high impact of the hammer.

The Gymholix Adjustable Hammer comes with 2 adjustable plates. The plates could be removed. When removed hammer become 4 kg. With plates hammer weighted 6.2 kg  


Weight 6.2 kg
Length 105 cm
Hammer Head  8x20 cm  
Handle Diameter 33 mm
Color Red-Black
Paint Powder-coating
Frame 4 mm Steel
Shipping Time Please allow up to 7-14 business days for delivery. You can track your order from the moment you place an order.