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Who We Are

Born from the passion of watching people on their journey through self-empowerment and wellness, Gymholix was founded with a singular goal in mind— to motivate others and spread the motivation.

Since 2014, we’ve proudly built our equipment and apparel brand into Turkey’s leading supplier in the Strength, Strongman, Fitness, Powerlifting, American Football-Rugby, Outdoor-Tactical Training, and CrossFit market. To get results in any regime you’ve got to put in the work... and we’re proud of the lasting relationships we’ve built with the military bases, fitness centers, sports centers, universities, offices and gyms we work with. Our satisfied customers and exceptional service are the bedrock of our brand.

Meeting the rapidly changing needs of our clients is where we excel and we are ready to evolve with you or your organization. With a wide range of equipment options, customizations, innovative solutions and the industry expertise of our team, we’re confident in developing a service that perfectly suits you.

Staying innovative is the key to survival in the fitness world and we continue to roll with the punches providing value through unique creations such as our portable functional fitness station FASTBOX™.

Gymholix is now expanding into Europe and with the best cost / performance ratio on the market, we are proud to support you in achieving your dream.